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  • Alter Ego ChromEgo Anti-Red Conditioner - 200ml

Alter Ego ChromEgo Anti-Red Conditioner - 200ml


Nourishing and neutralising conditioner that counteracts unwanted red tones. Its formula leaves the hair light, silky and shiny with a cool brown tone. Ideal for brown, coloured hair (tone 3, 4, 5). The ANTI-RED family is dedicated to protecting colored hair with a neutralising effect on unwanted red tones. It keeps the colour bright and intense for a long time, leaving the hair soft and shiny while balancing the unwanted red tone.

Formulas that protect cosmetic color, thanks to the Veneto Walnut phytocomplex, which preserves the hair’s brilliance and vibrancy. The addition of ingredients, such as organic grape skins from Emilia, Sicilian lemons, apples from Trentino and organic wheat bran help to further protect the colour of coloured or bleached hair. The formulas are enriched with an intense green pigment that effectively neutralises and counteracts unwanted red tones.

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