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Before scheduling your appointment, please note the following:

  • Each Stylist is independent, and charges differently for their personal services.

  • Prices listed below are starting prices only.

  • All prices are subject to change, and vary depending on length and thickness of hair.

Add-On Services

  • Consultation for Services
    . . . . . Up to $20

    Not sure what your hair needs? Want to make a big change? We got you. Make an appointment for a consultation to get a better idea. Always recommended for more intensive color services. Most Stylists provide this service free of charge.


  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
    . . . . . $25+

    For all your conditioning, shine, or strengthening treatments. Blowdry and Style may be a separate charge, depending on the stylist.


Each full haircut service includes a shampoo and blowdry in the pricing, unless specified otherwise.

  • Beard Trim
    **(Not currently offered as a safety precaution)
    . . . . . $15+

    Freshen up your fuzzy face. Available as an add-on to a haircut, or as a stand-alone service. Offered by select stylists only. Does not include a shampoo or blowdry.


  • First Time Haircut
    . . . . . $65+

    Some stylists prefer to have a little more time to consult for your first visit, because every head is different! Offered by select stylists only. If your preferred stylist does not have this as an option, please schedule according to the lengths mentioned below.


  • Fringe / Neck Clean-Up
    . . . . . $10+

    A quick appointment to tidy up your fuzzy neck and the hair in your eyes. Not available for online booking. Does not include a shampoo or blowdry.


  • Medium / Long Cut
    . . . . . $65+

    For chin length or longer haircuts.


  • Short / Pixie Cut
    . . . . . $55+

    Sleek, textured, modern, funky, or punk rock. Whatever the details are, this one should cover it. For anything above the chin that might need a little more time to personalize.


  • Clipper Cut
    . . . . . $30+

    The shortest of the short cuts. If you don't like to mess with the sides and back of your hair, but like some texture on top, keep it simple with a clipper cut.


  • Youngest American's Haircut (12 + under)
    . . . . . $30+

    The kids are alright with us. Typically includes shampoo and blowdry. Offered by Select Stylists only.

Color Services

Each Color service can be booked with a cut for additional time + price. Please specify this when you schedule online.

  • All Over Color
    . . . . . $100+

    One solid color, roots to ends. No Highlights | No Balayage.


  • Base Retouch
    . . . . . $80+

    That regrowth has got to go, and we got you covered. Not meant for anything more than 1 inch of regrowth.


  • Base Retouch + Highlights
    . . . . . $165+

    For covering up that regrowth and adding a few foils of highlights, or hand painting some balayage pieces.


  • Toner
    . . . . . $30+

    For a quick refresh of your All Over Color or toning down unwanted tones on highlights. Blowdry and style may be a separate charge, depending on the Stylist. Not available for online booking.

Lightening Services

Each lightening service can be booked with a cut for additional time + price. Please specify this when you schedule online.

  • Add a Few Highlights
    . . . . . $40+

    This service is for when you just need a few foils or balayage pieces added during another scheduled service. Offered by Select Stylists only.


  • Bleach + Tone: Full Head>
    . . . . . $250+
    Best recommended for virgin hair that has never been colored. If you have had previous color, please schedule a consultation with your stylist first.

  • Bleach + Tone: Retouch
    . . . . . $150+

    Recommended for all-over bleach blonde retouches with 1 inch or less of regrowth.


  • Color Correction (Consultation Required)
    . . . . . Charged by the hour

    For life-changing hair colors. Not available for online booking, must have a consultation before scheduling this type of service.


  • Foil Highlights
    . . . . . $150+

    When you want your highlights to go all the way to the root.
    Full Head: Maximum Blonde
    Partial Head: More dimension


  • Painted Balayage
    . . . . . $180+

    Hand painted highlights for a more natural, sunkissed look.
    Full Head: Brighter all-over blonde
    Partial / Retouch: More dimension, or touching up existing balayage


  • Vivid Color
    . . . . . $240+

    A double-process service for anything other than a natural hair color. Consultation typically required first. Taste the rainbow!

Specialty Services

  • Extensions
    . . . . . By Consultation
    Adding length to your hair. Must have consultation prior to scheduling to best match your existing color. Not bookable online.


  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment
    . . . . . $200+
    Smoothing treatment to tame frizz and make your blow drying easier.


  • Shampoo + Blowdry
    . . . . . $40+

    It's so nice to have someone else shampoo and style your hair, right? We think so too. Price may increase depending on how fancy you want to get.


  • Special Event Styling
    . . . . . By Consultation

    Prom, wedding, a night out on the town. Please call first for availability, as a consultation is typically required first. Offered by Select Stylists only.